Veteran Owned and Operated
Who We Are As a Company

"Safety Above All".

Our primary goal is to promote a positive culture of safety for each employee, partner, subcontractor, and client. To us, safety is a way of life and is a non-negotiable part of every job we do. Our ultimate goal is to send everyone home at the end of a workday in the same condition as they arrived.

We know our success in accomplishing our safety goals and objectives is a direct result of our strong commitment to safety management and a true team effort from our employees, subcontractors, and clients. Our safety policies exhibit an expectation of compliance through risk reduction techniques including frequent inspections, checklists, and constant training supporting our safety goals.

Our commitment to our health and safety programs has resulted in Experience Modification Rates (EMR rates) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) metrics that are consistently below industry standards.

Quality Control

Quality is everything! Creating a culture of quality starts with commitments and promises through formal documentation and procedures – and then becomes about having the processes in place to execute well. CBFS determines the company’s quality objectives, which are updated as needed. We focus on understanding customer requirements and expectations, develop a site or contract specific QC plan which consistently meets or exceeds our client’s quality requirements as stated in the contract in relation to the Performance Work Statement (PWS) or Statement of Work (SOW). Next, we communicate and train our employees with our quality objectives and performance standards. CBFS regularly monitors, measures and reports on quality objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs), customer satisfaction and complaints, site visits, risks and opportunities, and significant nonconformities and corrective actions at the site level.

Proactive engagement at all levels of the company leads the way by setting and following high ethical standards, fostering teamwork, and taking care of our people. Our organization’s continuous improvement culture lets us regularly review quality management objectives and
performance which permits our site team to meet industry best practices. By supporting the process and system approach to management, we promote risk-based thinking, planning and management.

CBFS hires qualified and motivated people that provide ethical and professional service to our customers every day. We train and equip them with the resources to deliver quality services, empower them to find efficient ways to do their jobs in support of the company’s pursuit of continuous improvement. Quality is the responsibility of every employee!

Core Values


To value the differences as well as similarities in all of our customers, co-workers, supervisors, stakeholders, suppliers, and communities.


To operate with the highest standards of integrity. To admit errors and make corrections where appropriate. To perform our contractual duties in accordance with the contract documents, all local, state, and federal codes, laws, and regulations. To accurately charge labor and other costs, avoid improper cost allocation, and ensure that all business transactions are properly and accurately recorded in our books and records. To inform management if customer or vendor practices are not in alignment with our ethics policies.


To recognize our position as stewards of our customers and appreciate the fact that trust is earned and must be maintained. To use the best of our skills, knowledge, and abilities in supporting our customers while adhering to applicable laws, regulations, and contractual requirements.


To encourage learning and desire of knowledge and experience for growth to advance personally and professionally. Be curious to ask questions.


To be creative and resourceful with new ideas instead of simply working harder.


To be optimistic towards the negative aspects of our work. To bounce back after a hard day with a positive attitude.


To be willing to accept the results of any decisions you make or actions you take in the course of your representation of the Company. Company Personnel are accountable for completing all required training sessions, and for being familiar with our Company policies and procedures, including those outlined herein.

Transparency and Honesty

To always be straightforward and honest in our dealings with our customers, co workers, supervisors, suppliers, business partners, and communities.

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